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Randy's Diner

2022 - Present

Branding Consultant

Randy's Diner:

Family-owned diner located in Traverse City, Michigan.


Located in the heart of Traverse City, Randy’s Diner is a family-owned diner that’s operated since 1997. As a regular back during my Traverse City days, I was delighted and honored to take on the project of a full brand refresh.

Staying True to the Past

Just like with any of my projects, before getting started I sat down with the owners to discuss project expectations and we decided to flesh out their new logo first. Keeping the target demographic in mind (long-time loyal customers and new faces alike), I opted for an overall look and feel that was familiar but introduced timeless and modern motifs.

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Deliverables: From Concept to Reality


After several concepts were floated around, the client and I eventually decided the perfect balance was a logo that was reminiscent of the diner's iconic billboard sign which stood unchanged for decades. This way, with some modern framing lines and a complementary circle "icon" logo, the logo will stand the test of time and cater to both old and new loyal customers.

Stickers, Hats, and Shirts. Oh My!

Once the logos were completed, the next rebranding phase involved designing and printing updated merchandise to offer for sale in person and, eventually, online. For the back print I was given creative license and decided to commission an artist by the name of Brylie Conover design a hand-drawn graphic for the shirt backs which would also become its very own sticker.

Diner Merch.jpg
Diner Website.png

Responsive Website

Complete with breakfast and lunch menus, contact information, directions, and other essential details, creating a modernized website meant pruning unnecessary clutter and curating a more concise hub for any and all information a browsing customer may need. All of this was done while creating the website on in order to provide the owners with total autonomy over site content and design.

Next Steps

As the rebrand wraps up, I’m now focusing on providing consultation on apparel printing. This means, as I continue to act as the broker between print providers and the diner owners, the goal is to eventually hand the reigns over to them to, again, enable my client to have full autonomy over the inventory resupply process.

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