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2020 - Present

Full-Time: Graphics Engineer


Industry-leading print-on-demand printing & fulfillment solutions.


As "Graphics Engineer" for the Detroit-based print-on-demand (POD) supplier and home of the new cutting-edge apparel print method "DIGISOFT®," I get to wear many hats at BespokeLabs. From assisting with marketing efforts to solving technical and UX-related challenges, I help bridge the gap between front-end design and back-end functionality.

Key Responsibilities

Ensuring a seamless intersection between front-end media and back-end functionality frequently involves collaboration across departments.

From running thorough print capability tests to inform our sellers of best practices, to implementing machine cut paths, print templates, and instructional content for training production employees, cross-team collaboration is essential.

My duties also involve working directly with high-stakes clients to ensure their artwork is optimized for our print processes. These clients range from small local businesses to NFL teams, the FBI, and everyone in between.

Imac Mockup 1.jpg


Videos & Motion Graphics

Filming and editing production highlight reels, creating rich content for social media, and breathing life into static logos and informational graphics are a few of the ways I have applied my videography know-how to great effect for each of the brands within the BespokeLabs family of companies.

Art Templates & PSD Mockups

Continuing to bridge the gap between front-end UI and backend functionality, a key area I'm involved in is the creation of product "art guide" templates and fully customizable Photoshop mockups for their Etsy, Shopify, and other e-commerce product listings.

PSD Mockup Screenshot.jpg

Event Signage

On multiple occasions I've also produced an array of graphics and merchandise for events relating to CustomCat and DIGISOFT®. More often than not, I work in lock-step with the marketing manager in order to ensure the overall presentation achieves its purpose.

The Road Ahead

With DIGISOFT® being on the bleeding edge of print-on-demand technology and the industry still expanding, I look forward to the many ways in which I continue to grow professionally and refine my skills.

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