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Alianza FC

2021 - 2023

Branding Consultant

Alianza FC:

Southwest Detroit's Premier UPSL Soccer Club


Alianza FC is a UPSL soccer team created by and for the community of Southwest Detroit. Through my employment at BespokeLabs, I've had the privilege of establishing and helping maintain a bold and coherent brand identity for the team as Brand Consultant.

Key Responsibilities

As brand consultant I have been tasked with creating and consulting  and maintain cover a broad range of tasks, from creating the team's first multilingual website from scratch to designing event signage and team apparel.

Challenges & Solutions

Managing this project while maintaining all of my other responsibilities as Senior Graphic Designer for MyLocker LLC meant it was absolutely crucial to maintain exceptional time management practices and a commercial awareness of company time and resources. This exhilarating high-pressure environment is truly where where I thrive and led to several unconventional approaches to getting the work done.

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Resourcefulness is key when succeeding in a fast-paced environment. In this case, I transformed reclaimed cardboard into a free-standing game schedule poster.


Local distribution of game signage was pivotal in the team's debut season success. My designs were featured in local publications and various local businesses as part of our awareness campaign.


The Road Ahead

With every project I enjoy pushing the limits of my creative and interpersonal skills. While the team becomes more self-sufficient and my involvement decreases, I am proud when looking back on how much I grew creatively and relationally during my time consulting the team on their creative assets.

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